Young people writing and shaping their own narratives…

The Hip Hop U programme creates an engagement space for young people, health experts and popular music artists to collaborate on health‐related challenges affecting their lives.

“Young people are never too young or too inexperienced to contribute to making a difference in their own lives and those in their communities …

Young people continue to prove that, with their remarkable and resounding voices, change can be effected. They have and continue to write and shape their own narrative” (Duncan Moeketse).

“Hip Hop U is operated in partnership with the Yazi Centre for Science and Society in Africa (NPO – No.) and is an initiative of Jive Media Africa, a leading pioneer in science engagement working with national and international clients to translate science and research for a wide range of public audiences.”

Even though our youth have the potential to transform Africa, if neglected, they could exacerbate poverty and inequality while threatening peace, security and prosperity

“Ay, I am feeling proud of myself! And I am feeling proud that my family is happy about me!”

One of the tasks of the progressive educator … is to unveil opportunities for hope… After all, without hope there is little we can do.” 

We as parents didn’t notice lots of things about our kids – but now we know that there are things that a child has without sticking on books.”

Music has become a genuine developmental resource – young people would say a killer app’ – that deserves much more attention … in adolescence.”

I have begun to live a different life than before

“Until our young people are free, we are not free. They remind us of this every time they use their creative brains to carry out well orchestrated criminal activity!”


Rapping young people in hope – they are the future!

What are the issues young people in sub-saharan Africa face? We grapple with some of the top developmental challenges for young people in our blog, as well as with how music can be used to help shape the future…

Save me – Redemption


Insecurities – Secure


You have to live – LNTC


Solo Poem – Mnqobi Molefe


Hip Hop Science Spaza Never Say TB – The Disinfectants

Hip Hop Science Spaza · Never Say TB - The Disinfectan…

Hip Hop Science Spaza #Fighters – The Survivors

Hip Hop Science Spaza · #Fighters - The Survivors


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